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Teaching Future Leaders

Legacy, also known as Certified Instructor Training (CIT), is a great benefit for Leadership students to pass on their knowledge to others. Public speaking, gaining confidence, and thinking quickly on your feet are great benefits to the Legacy Program.


This program creates opportunities to start helping students in their classes. or eventually running your own class with possible employment opportunities.


Color Belts: Eligible to compete for State and District Titles.

Black Belts: Eligible to compete for State, District, and World Titles.

Competing is about much more than a trophy, it provides students an opportunity to make new friends, learn to overcome nerves, and enhance their skills and technique.

Whether or not you win, participating in an organized competition is a key component to growing as a martial artist.

Leadership Program | Forever Driven Martial Arts
Leadership Program | Forever Driven Martial Arts

X-treme Martial Arts

X-treme Martial Arts (XMA) is the next level of training offered to those who want to let their creativity shine through their training by creating their own form and weapons routines with the opportunity to compete and win in extra tournament events.

As a supplement to traditional Taekwondo, the Xtreme curriculum is more engaging and is designed to enhance physical technique and the ability as well as character development.

The Phoenix Krewe Demonstration Team is an invite-only level into extra XMA training with a group of students who are determined to show our community the benefits to our school.

"Very nice family instructors who treat students as family, students work with weapons the first day. They also teach an awesome self-defense class!"

"Great place for kids and adults to train."

"The absolute best people and instructors in Louisiana. They care about your growth on every level."

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Leadership Program

The Leadership Program represents the next level of training, both mentally and physically. It is an elite program designed to give students a competitive edge, not just in their martial arts training but in all areas of life.

Leadership training instills a different mindset in students that positions them for success. Whether it be in the classroom, in an occupation, or in continued service within the community, Leadership students stand out among their peers.

To qualify for Leadership, you must receive a nomination from your instructor. However, we encourage you to make us aware of your interest in the program as we continuously assess our students and will nominate students based on their individual needs.

Leadership students learn to work with like-minded students, Take their training to the next level, gain confidence through public speaking, develop a deeper understanding of life skills, encounter increased experience of goal setting, gain the opportunity to compete at an advanced level and have the possibility to win StateDistrict, and World Titles, additionally it gives students an extra responsibility to those who desire it and work hard to earn.

Not at all, our Leadership program gives a wide variety of new aspects to learn from which will keep things interesting for students. It all depends on what speaks to you in your training

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